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We help small and medium businesses implement solutions transform, innovate and grow

At zedConsulting we focus on helping small and medium enterprises (SME’s) transform into dynamic and faster growing organisations. To achieve this aim, we help them implement powerful business solutions on an amazing platform called ZOHO.

ZOHO offers a wide portfolio of applications, designed to help businesses work smarter, drive down costs, increase revenues and deliver compelling customer experiences.

David Nandhra
Founder & CEO

A little bit about me …


Over the past 20 years or so, I’ve help organisations in all sectors, and of all sizes, implement CRM solutions. Over the last decade I’ve focused on cloud based solutions – in particular, the industry behemoth: Salesforce. In 2012 I set up Hyphen8, a high value Salesforce consulting partner that now focuses specifically on the Not-for-Profit sector.


It’s all been fun.


But now, with zedConsulting, I’ve chosen to work with ZOHO as I genuinely believe, compared with the myriad of options out there, it presents one of the best, most integrated and cost-effective platform for small and medium businesses. It’s a complete suite of applications to support CRM and your entire business needs – HR, Finance, and whole lot more.


The interesting bit it is that it is priced at only £1 per user per month for the entire suite. So – it’s difficult to ignore!

ZOHO provide the software.


We help you implement it


You transform and grow your business.

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Why Zoho?

Because it offers – especially for small and medium businesses – a proven platform with a broad range of smart business applications which can be configured to meet customised needs, and deliver impressive returns on investment within relatively short timeframes.


Why engage a ZED Consultant?

You could, of course, buy and configure a Zoho application yourself. Many businesses, in fact do. But, on the other hand, many don’t – as a specialist consultancy like ours can often implement the solution a lot quicker and in accordance with best practice. This gives you the space and time to focus on what you do best – i.e. running and building your business!


But why choose zedConsulting as your Solutions Partner?

  • Our  ZOHO Experience: we have a highly skilled, experienced and certified team of  Zoho experts – who are able to apply best practice and deliver your solution in a rapid timescale.
  • Our CRM Experience: our consultants have extensive experiences in implementing CRM solutions in businesses of all sizes and sectors: commercial, public sector and not-for-profit. We can bring the value of that expertise to you.
  • Our Holistic Approach: we focus on delivering real, tangible business benefits – taking into account all people, organisational, process and technology factors in determining solutions solve our client’s business challenges.
  • Our Reach: With the benefit of the Cloud, we can offer our services to any business in the UK, of any size and in any sector.
  • Our Services: we offer a range of services that suit different needs and budgets. We deliver zedSTART solutions to businesses who might be on a tight budget but we can also scale to meet the demands of larger, more complex projects – with ease.
  • Our Honesty: we firmly believe ZOHO is a fantastic platform of choice for any SME. But, if after analysing your needs we find (for any reason) that it’s not be the best solution for you, we will advise on options to take you forward (…. rather than just push the product!).

zedConsulting employ a team of highly experienced CRM and IT professionals – with extensive experience and professional certifications in Zoho. In particular our strengths lie in delivering Zoho CRM and custom applications developed using Zoho Creator. But we also deliver solutions involving other Zoho applications such as Zoho Projects, Zoho Books and, indeed, the comprehensive and popular Zoho One Suite!


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Our Delivery Approach

One of the great things about cloud based software, like ZOHO, is that we can deliver solutions in a more agile way, at lower risk, and at lower cost (at least compared to what it used to be like!).


Our approach to delivering applications is one that requires a good connection with your business and users. This connection helps ensure we design solutions that will not only work – but also will get adopted by your users. So, understanding your people and processes, and getting them involved with the project is central to the way we deliver great applications.


Principally, there are 4 stages in our engagement model:


This initial stage generally involves one or more discovery workshops and/or interviews with key client staff to understand and confirm the scope of the project and key requirements of the new system. A Solution Blueprint is then drafted at the conclusion of this work.


The Solution Blueprint is a key document that outlines the baseline for the development work, a confirmation of which Zoho software applications would form the final solution, and a costed project plan to deliver the project.


The BUILD stage involves all work needed to design and build the solution, in accordance with the requirements set out in the Solution Blueprint.


Most of this work is typically undertaken offsite. However, during this stage, we would remain engaged with your users and present one or more ‘show and tell’ sessions so that you get a chance to review the solution as it develops and can highlight any key changes that might needed before we go-live!


Once the solution is developed and tested, the deployment stage involves migrating data from your current systems into Zoho, training your users, and transitioning the system into your LIVE environment.


As they say: “Change is a constant”.


As your business evolves you will most likely need to make changes and extensions to your application, as and when your business needs them. So, we have a support function in place to support you and help ensure  your application is always fit for purpose, and delivering continuous value to your business.


This service is provided remotely; you simply log a service request through our portal, and we pick it up from there!

Get in touch!

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Or get in touch if we can help you in any way. We’d love to hear from you.


Telephone: 0845 8624291

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