Zoho vs. The Big Fish

Zoho vs. The Big Fish

Zoho operates in a very large pond, one that is dominated by a number of seriously big fish. Salesforce, arguably, the biggest. So – how does Zoho compare?

As a pioneer in cloud computing, Salesforce has dominated the CRM market for over a decade. Since its formation it has helped transform how organisations – of all types and sizes – work and deliver value to those they serve and, in return, build better business. It has been a fundamental and disruptive force leaving, in its wake, the traditional software giants (SAP, Oracle, et al) in slumber. And, to this day, although the sleeping giants have woken up, Salesforce remains the default option in the minds of almost any organisation looking to implement a new CRM solution.

That said, the market has matured and there now are a plethora of vendors with CRM packages, many offering functionality that competes head on with Salesforce. Microsoft being perhaps the most obvious example. The chasm that once existed between Salesforce and the “best of the rest” is now narrower than ever. So, arguably, innovation is what will determine who wins the hearts and minds of most customers.

The Salesforce platform offers deep functionality, tremendous flexibility and assured scalability – ideally suited therefore to the needs of, in particular, large and complex organisations. But all this comes at a price. So is Salesforce the best solution for small and medium businesses too? Well, most SMB’s don’t have such deep pockets and, most often, don’t have particularly “complex” needs.

So – Salesforce as a “default” choice should be challenged.

There are a myriad of alternative options but many of them seem to focus on a specific aspect of CRM – be it Marketing, Sales or Customer Service. There don’t appear to be many that offer complete platform with an integrated suite of CRM applications. Except, perhaps, Zoho.

Not only does Zoho cover the complete spectrum of CRM needs, it also offers:

  • A workflow engine and other tools to enable you to fully customise your solution
  • An API that enables you to integrate it with website and other business applications
  • A wide and growing eco-system of 3rd party solutions i.e. plugins that add extra value
  • A suite of back office applications – such as for Finance, HR, Website Development, Social Channel engagement, Projects, Office and Collaboration Tools, Recruitment, Analytics, and more.


In fact, with Zoho One, you get almost 40 significant natively integrated business applications for only £30 per user, per month – with no contract tie-ins. That’s less than the price of a cup of coffee a day – to transform your business in the Cloud.

This article is not intended to spec out the detailed functional differences between the two products but, more so, to position Zoho as a strong and arguably better choice for Small and Medium sized businesses. Where the likes of Salesforce and Microsoft offer functional depth, Zoho wins on functional breadth. Sure – you could add additional products to make Salesforce/Microsoft match Zoho’s breadth, but that would come at a further and huge cost.

It’s little wonder why they call Zoho the “operating system for business”.

So, if you are a growing concern and finding the recurring cost of Salesforce a pain, we can help you make the switch to Zoho and get more bang for buck. Just contact us to discuss our zedSWITCH service!

I hope you found this article of some value. Contact us if you have any questions about Zoho and how it might be used to help you transform your business. Or, if you’re already a Zoho user, why not share your experiences and viewpoints? Just leave a comment in the box below. It would be great to hear your thoughts!

Indeed, Salesforce is the Big Fish. But its a Big Pond too!

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