Spreadsheets love AI

Uncategorised - 28th July 2019

Insights by Zia

Businesses use spreadsheets for analysing data. It’s the best tool around for it.

The big names, of course, are MS-Excel and Google Sheets – both of which offer extreme levels of functionality to help you achieve pretty much any form of analysis you might need.

You created rows and rows of data, across columns and columns in one or more sheets. You then apply formulas to compute various additional items of information. And, finally, you use wonderful tool to create charts and pivot tables to construct various forms of analysis.

But what if we introduced a dose of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? How would AI make life easier?

Well, despite some amazing advances, we are still in the relative early days of AI. That said, the pace at which it is being introduced into software, applications and machines is alarming!

On the spreadsheet front, however, neither Microsoft or Google seemed to have done much.

But there is a lesser known, equally impressive, alternative offering – from ZOHO.

Whilst better known for its CRM and portfolio suite of core business applications, ZOHO also provide a suite of productivity tools that offer similar functionality to MS-Office or Google.

But it’s free.

It also has AI embedded within it. It’s call ZIA. That’s free too.

You no longer need to construct reports, charts, pivot tables, and other visual analysis. It does it for you. You simply provide it with the data, and it constructs a range of various and powerful visual insights for you, by itself! It just seems to know what insights might be of interest to you and saves you a ton of time trying to build analytics that you don’t need to!

Like a genie, it also obeys your commands. Just tell it – by typing in normal English or by speaking (voice, on mobile) – what you want. For example: “Zia, show me the top 5 products sold over the past 6 months, by sales rep and by region” … and lo and behold, it creates the chart or associated analytics for you.

ZOHO Sheets also has powerful built-in functionality for:

  • Multi-user collaboration
  • Controlling data access / security
  • Advanced analytics and data visualisation
  • Data Cleaning
  • Publishing and embedding functions
  • And more

What’s more, its natively and tightly integrated with ZOHOs powerful platform of business applications such as CRM and Book (for accounting).

Pretty amazing, I think.

Have a look for yourself. I expect you might be amazed too.

A short video (1 min 31s): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d85jm-gLpFQ

A longer and more detailed look at it (18 mins): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZhzS_I8AYE

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