Is Salesforce burning a hole in your pocket?

Is Salesforce burning a hole in your pocket?

Year after year, Salesforce has consistently been rated as the world’s #1 CRM application. Its global customer base includes businesses of all sizes and in all sectors. The depth of functionality it offers and the tools available for customisation are, perhaps, unparalleled.

But all this “power” comes with a hefty price tag – often out of the reach for many SMEs.

Furthermore, do SMEs really need the depth of capabilities that Salesforce offers. I’d argue not so for most business.

Worst still, it’s a complex package that often takes a considerable effort to implement and train users on. Given that CRM Consultants don’t come cheap, that adds to the cost as well.

After 10 years working in the Salesforce space, I’d argue that Salesforce is in fact best suited to either very large and/or complex business enterprises.

Most SMEs should look elsewhere for solutions that offer a better fit to needs and budget – and there is much to choose from.

These days my focus is on helping SMEs implement ZOHO – a platform that:

  • Offers significant and rich functionality for all businesses – of all sizes!
  • Includes powerful tools to help you easily customise the final solution
  • Is highly flexible and can easily scales to meet your growing and evolving demands
  • Is quick to setup and rollout
  • Easily integrates with other applications and systems
  • Is highly intuitive and hence easy to learn
  • Offers a significantly broader suite of applications than Salesforce
  • …. and costs a fraction of the price!


ZOHO, a company founded in 1996, currently boasts a user base of over 45 million, employed over 340,000 companies worldwide. That’s a bigger customer base than even Salesforce!

And, it’s not all about CRM. ZOHO’s platform includes over 40 integrated applications to support both front office (Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, etc) and back office (Finance/Accounting, HR, Recruitment, Time & Expenses, Project Management, and more) …. and the cost of the entire applications suite is only £30 per user per month.

Compare that with Sales Cloud (from Salesforce) which sells at £120 per user per month.

Don’t get me wrong: Salesforce is a massive and powerful system. But do you really need it?

If you are looking to change your CRM, why not book a free consultation and demo … and explore how ZOHO can tone down the heat in your pocket!

PS: If you currently use salesforce, ask for our special 15% discount on services to migrate data from Salesforce to Zoho!

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