FREE REPORT: There are only 5 types of CRM

FREE REPORT: There are only 5 types of CRM

The CRM software market is awash with choice – the big guns, the niche players, and those that offer a complete platform for delivering business in the Cloud.

So, with such choice, how do you go about creating a shortlist to focus your software selection process on?

Well, before you get stuck into assessing and comparing how well each product fits your business requirements, it’s worth taking a step back to consider the categories that CRM products fall into.

Principally, there are 5 major categories:

  • Enterprise Platforms
  • Point Solutions
  • Vertical Solutions
  • SME Business Platforms
  • Custom Solutions


In the FREE REPORT I outline what each of the categories mean, examples of vendor offerings in each category, and my viewpoint of the headline prod and cons of each category. The aim of this report is to help you formulate a view on the type of solution you seek, so that you can then build a meaningful shortlist to evaluate the best options for your business.

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