AI-powered CRM for Small and Medium Business

AI-powered CRM for Small and Medium Business


In the consumer world, we are enjoying the benefits that devices with artificial intelligence [AI] offer us. Notably, the likes of Alexa (Amazon), Siri (Apple) and Cortana (Microsoft) are having a profound impact in the way we work, rest and play.

Whilst in its infancy, AI is also now built in to regular everyday software – especially CRM applications. In recent years the big boys (most notably, Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP) have demonstrate the immense benefits of AI, and millions of dollars continue to be poured into exploiting the potential of AI. But, from a customer standpoint, it can be very pricey and hence, probably better suited to larger businesses with deep pockets.

So, how can small and medium business take advantage of this emerging technology? Well, ZOHO has a solution – a chatbot that they call ZIA.

Amongst its many capabilities:

  • ZIA can answer questions and present analysis of data you need, just by your speaking to it!
  • ZIA can predict trends and issues with your data, and prompt action, by suggesting what to do.
  • ZIA can advise the best time to call a contact or prospect, or other related actions
  • ZIA can predict your growth forecast, and offer advice on actions if you are not meeting expectations.
  • ZIA can route actions to the appropriate sales rep, depending on the nature of the issue it finds.
  • ZIA can detect how your CRM is being used, and recommend actions to take to optimise workflow.
  • ZIA can analyse your incoming mail and rank your Inbox items depending on the “mood of the customer”.
  • ZIA can keep your lead, contact and account data up to date, by any changes needed
  • And more.


The results? Well, the potential benefits of ZIA is to help you come more productive and proactive in the way you work, create more capacity for you to focus on value-add tasks, and help you drive more sales.

Please note that Zia is bundled in with Zoho CRM (Enterprise) edition which is only £35 per month.

Once again – amazing value from ZOHO.

Call us to explore this option further, or you can read up more on ZOHO’s website

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