AI-Powered BI for Small Business

AI-Powered BI for Small Business

Before I moved into CRM, I spent many years helping businesses implement powerful reporting and analytics tools i.e. “business intelligence” (BI) tools.

At that time, BI was primarily delivered using complex and costly software that could translate data from databases and present information in a fashion that helped management make business decisions. For example, in formats such as trends, traffic light reports, exception reports, pivot tables, etc. In those days many of these tools were referred to as OLAP, ROLAP, HOLAP, MOLAP and such like.

To implement them, you needed experts who could prepare, transform, cleanse, and import the information into appropriately designed (multi-dimensional) data model(s), and then construct various reports and dashboards that management needed, which often required programmatic skills.

Such projects would typically require a sizeable budget and take weeks, if not months, to implement. Hence, BI tools were only in the reach of larger businesses… with deep pockets. Smaller businesses had to resort to tools like spreadsheets, and do all the hard work themselves.

As with all things, technology has moved on and software vendors today now offer more sophisticated, more advanced, and even more powerful tools. But from a cost perspective, not much has changed as many BI tools still place a heavy weight on the the purse strings, at least more than many smaller businesses could justify.

Fortunately, however, there are some exceptions – i.e. tools with enterprise capabilities but priced to suit SMEs. A prime example of this is ZOHO Analytics: a tool than enables you to source data from multiple databases and services (internal and external), and rapidly construct intelligence driven analytical reports and dashboards that can genuinely help you drive your business more profitably.

What can Zoho Analytics do for you?

Well, pretty much anything you would expect to use an advanced BI tool for, including:

  • Analysing existing customer behaviours, buying patterns and sales trends
  • Measuring, tracking and predicting sales and financial performance
  • Budgeting, financial planning and forecasting
  • Customer service and related support analytics
  • Gauging the costs and effectiveness of recruiting processes
  • Tracking the performance of marketing campaigns
  • Optimising processes and operational performance
  • Improving delivery and supply chain effectiveness
  • Web, social media and e-commerce analytics
  • Risk analysis
  • … and more.

Zoho Analytics offers powerful and highly intuitive capabilities that help you source data across your entire business enterprise; and, provides management with advanced visualisation and AI driven functions that present a real-time consolidated view of performance across all areas of operations (front-office and back-office). Its built in intelligence therefore helps you more proactively pinpoint and address business issues before they become risks; optimise the use of your resources; and, leverage opportunities to maximise business performance.

The Cost?

Well, this is one key area where Zoho Analytics differentiates from the much of what the competition offers. It’s only £6.

Zoho Analytics is priced at £6 per user per month (15 users minimum). It’s little wonder that so many businesses choose Zoho to manage their business: an enterprise strength business intelligence tool, priced to serve the needs and budget of ANY size of business.

To learn more about Zoho Analytics, please contact us on or call us directly on 0203 858 7465. We’d love to hear about your challenges, and explore how we can help you build your business with Zoho.


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