FREE REPORT: 6 critical factors to determine the best choice of CRM

FREE REPORT: 6 critical factors to determine the best choice of CRM

With so much to choose from, which criteria should you apply to determine the right CRM application for your business?

Obviously, you should develop and agree a clear list of requirements and then assess how each CRM vendor solution fits against your requirements list. But, in reality, in and of itself, this comparison may not bear much fruit, as most of the leading vendors offer products that deliver a rich suite of common functionality that tends to serve the needs of most businesses …. almost ‘out of the box’!

So, what other criteria is important – or, perhaps, critical to the final decision?

In this FREE REPORT I present my thoughts on the six key areas to assess, each of which could have a profound impact on how well your final choice of CRM technology would deliver benefits to your business.

The report covers:

  • Architecture: should you opt for a ‘platform’ or ‘package’ vendor?
  • Connectivity: how integrated is the solution set, and can it be further integrated with other business systems?
  • Flexibility: to what extent can you configure and/or customise the standard setup so that it is fully tailored you’re your precise business needs?
  • Security: does the solution confirm to industry security standards and policies, and offer the facilities you need to configure user access?
  • Extensions: how mature is the vendor’s eco-system of 3rd party plug-ins that you might want to extend your setup?
  • ROI: is it affordable and when should you expect a return on your investment?

Each of the above points are discussed, together with my recommendations on what you should do in the final decision.

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